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Bridgette, the Charmer


A single orb of glamour on each ear, is what it feels like to wear a pair of our charming Bridgette earrings on any given day. Whether empowered with Carnelian or uplifted with Strawberry Quartz, these accents will encourage a kind of positive energy that is not only highly coveted, but will match any occasion.


Made with 10mm Carnelian or Strawberry Quartz on Gold-filled earrings. Please note that each piece is made with natural gemstones, not one piece is the same and will vary in colour. 




Truly a stone of empowerment and action; Carnelian captivates, stimulates and motivates.  This is an excellent gemstone that inspires creativity and courage. It can also be used to transform negative energies such as fear and doubt which is why Carnelian can often be used as a manifesting stone.


Strawberry Quartz

Can be used as a healing stone; however this lovely gemstone primarily focuses on energies of love and light. Strawberry Quartz works to bring love into your heart by creating a loving environment, helping you to see the positive and humour in all situations. This gemstone also carries a strong and intense energy that can help in remembering your dreams.