Friday Night: Palo Santo Kit
Friday Night: Palo Santo Kit
Friday Night: Palo Santo Kit

Friday Night: Palo Santo Kit

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Peruvian-born ‘Holy Wood’


Named after the Spanish for “holy wood” (not to be confused with ‘Hollywood’), Palo Santo is a sacred tree of South-American descent used by shamans in spiritual ceremonies. Our Peruvian-born Palo Santo is a smoky treat for unruly lovers of traditional and cleansing rituals, but with a modern lifestyle.



The OG Palo Santo Kit


This exotic item of Spanish heritage is the Original ‘Holy Wood’. Smoky notes enrich this piece of nature, along with the most earthy vibrations to heal, cleanse and purify your home and your body.


After its ignition and once left with a burned aesthetic, this lovely treat also makes for an atypical decoration on top of your coffee tables and amongst your favorite magazines; forever #blessing your space and your #IKEAfurniture.




This kit includes:

3 pieces of palo santo wood *pieces will vary in colour and size




The Foreplay


Get in the mood with your favorite playlist; perhaps explore the sounds of Brazilian Samba. Light a piece of Palo Santo using a match or lighter (or pyrokinesis). Once a flame is ignited, like your Lover’s desire, let it burn for 45 seconds to 1 minute; then gently blow out the flame (ensure you are holding it above a dish/ashtray before doing this step; ashes are as dangerous as feelings).


The Ritual


Allow the smoke to flow, direct the naked eye to the shapes created by the smoke dancing, and watch the “chaos” start to dissipate.

Wave Palo Santo around your home, barefoot or on your highest heels, to rid the space of negative energy, cleanse the aura and reset the frequency of every corner.