Saturday Morning: Home Cleanse Kit
Saturday Morning: Home Cleanse Kit
Saturday Morning: Home Cleanse Kit

Saturday Morning: Home Cleanse Kit

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The full-circle ritual

A ‘perfect housewarming gift’, Saturday Morning contains the essentials to cleanse and uplift the energy of small spaces. The mix of purifying Palo Santo and healing crystals (each with a specific purpose) stimulates and balances good vibrations in your home and on your mood.

The pieces also serve as unique decor for your living/bedroom and bookcases, for an aesthetic that’s both earthy and divine.


5 pc Palo Santo *Pieces will vary in color and size (4-6 inches each)

1 pc Black Tourmaline for protection against negative energy, spiritual and mental detox

1 pc Smoky Quartz for grounding and healing energy, reduces pain

1 pc Clear Quartz for balance and amplifying the healing properties of the crystals


The Foreplay

Get in the mood with your favorite playlist (perhaps explore the sounds of Brazilian Samba). Light a piece of Palo Santo using a match or lighter. Once a flame is ignited, like your Lover’s desire, let it burn for 45 seconds to 1 minute; then gently blow out the flame (ensure you are holding it above a dish/ashtray before doing this step; ashes are as dangerous as feelings).

The Ritual

Allow the smoke to flow, direct the naked eye to the shapes created by their dancing, and watch the “chaos” start to dissipate.

Wave Palo Santo around your home, barefoot or on your highest heels, to rid the space of negative energy, cleanse the aura and reset the frequency of every corner.

Use the crystals as energy waivers and healing “supporters” or hold them close to you to create a bond between their energy and your skin.

The combination of Palo Santo and these gems will further enhance the effects of the ritual and help make you feel more balanced, calm and a little more connected to nature and the energies of our world (and perhaps the other one too).


Black Tourmaline carries a connection between Earth and the human spirit. It helps heal and protect your space and body. Its innate energy vibrates and cleanses your chakras, repelling negative energies and cleansing vibrations. Other benefits of Black Tourmaline: helps detoxification, improves circulation, promotes a healthy mood.

Smoky Quartz is the stone of influencing the home, and nature. It encourages relaxation, reconnection, and grounding of emotions by bringing it back to earth. It promotes security and stability. Other benefits of Smoky Quartz: psychic protection, emotional wounds.  

Clear Quartz (also known as ‘The Master Healer’) helps amplify energy and thoughts and creates a higher spiritual receptiveness. It helps clear the mind from negativity, and it magnifies healing vibrations from other crystals. Other benefits of Clear Quartz: chakra healing, amplification of intention.

*Please note that each piece is unique and may have slight variations in color and size.